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Located in Wesley Chapel and New Tampa, TeenMax Leadership Camps provides a 5 day leadership and academic camp for young people aged 12 to 16. Having spent many years as public school teachers, Laura and John Giancarlo have been able to witness first hand the challenges faced by many teens and parents. Most of the students that Laura and John have taught possess the desire to succeed, and often times the support that they needed from their parents and their teachers, yet they still struggled to be successful in many areas of their lives. After being inspired by Stephen Covey’s, “7 Habits of Highly Successful People” and Sean Covey’s, “7 Habits of Highly Successful Teens”, Laura decided to make it her mission to one day teach kids the skills that she believed would be necessary to be successful in school, career and in life. 

As a Health and Science educator, Laura believes in teaching students to balance their physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual lives. This is evident in the curriculum that she uses in our TeenMax Leadership Camps.



Defining Values. Creating A Mission Statement.

We teach our teens to define the values they feel are important and help them to determine what they stand for. This leads to our teens creating and establishing their own personal Mission Statement. 


Understanding your role in relationships by teaching trust and personal responsibility. 

Bullying: How to Handle 

Lessons on how to avoid bullies and what to do if your teen is being bullied.

Stress Relief Activities

Stress-reducing activities include: fitness, yoga and breathing exercises. 


Teens will create a vision board expressing their values, mission statement using images to depict how they will successfully achieve their goals. 

Good Decision Making

Using your teen's own Mission Statement, we teach our teens how to make decisions that are reflective of their own values.

Team Building & Participation

Teens participate in team building activities with the other teens and facilitators designed to build social skills, foster leadership and cooperation.

Social and Emotional Learning

Learn core practices to help regulate emotions and to pay mindful attention


Learn how to execute a black belt handshake when engaged in meeting someone for the first time.

Happiness & Gratitude

We teach our teens to practice gratitude in all that they do. And to understand that true happiness comes BEFORE achievement, not after.


CAMP SESSION Dates, times & COST

We offer 2 Camp sessions starting in mid-June. Maps to each location are available on our Contact Us page as well.


Session A (Cory Lake Isles - Dash of Salt n' Pepper)
1PM – 5PM
June 19 - June 23

Session B (Cory Lake Isles - Dash of Salt n' Pepper)
1PM – 5PM
June 26 - June 30



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Payment for your teen's camp session can be made online using our secure PayPal Checkout.

Camp Session A (jUNE 19-23, 2017) 1:00 - 5:00pm

Location: Dash of Salt n' Pepper - Cory Lake Isles

CAMP SESSION B (JUNE 26-30, 2017) 1:00 - 5:00pm

Location:  Dash of Salt n' Pepper - Cory Lake Isles